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Nami Island

Your journey to Nami Island starts when you take the ferry. A 7 minutes ride will bring you to the gate of the Island. From here, just open your eyes. You are surrounded by nature, trees, and some animals. Nami Island is famous for its Tree Lined Roads. You can see magnificent trees and forest. 

Bonjour la France
Petite France is a small French culture village situated in Korea about 1 hour from Seoul. You can discover the Little Prince and Saint Exupery through a memorial hall. 

Garden of Morning Calm (Option)

Have you ever think of discovering a majestic garden open all the year where you can enjoy the 4 seasons? The Garden of Morning Calm is the oldest private garden of Korea. You can walk and appreciate the 5000 kinds of plants on a 3 hectares land. 

PKG Item / Price 
Conditions & Inclusion  
88,000 KRW 
Foreign Tax Free / Domestic Card 10% Tax 
Garden of Morning Calm (Option)
10,000 KRW extra
  • Pick up at Hotel/Send off at Itaewon
  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Tour Guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Credit Card available


If you are a nature lover, this tour is specially made for you. Amazing sceneries will wait for you on Both Nami Island and Garden of Morning Calm. Trees, flowers, plants, and even some animals. Prepare good shoes to enjoy your day. Take the time to photography every corner of the island and the magnificent garden. You will also discover a piece of France, so if you like Saint Exupery and Le Petit Prince, this tour is made for you !

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