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Explore Korea's religious culture through Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity and Islam.

  • Jeoldusan Martyrs' Site: Jeoldusan Martyrs' Shrine is the site of the Byeonin Persecution of 1866, where many Roman Catholics were brutally murdered. Jeoldulsan means ‘to cut the head’ in Korean. The museum displays exhibitions of various relics related to the history of Catholicism and martyrdom as well as the statue of Father Kim Daegeon, the first Catholic priest in the Joseon Dynasty.

  • Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery: Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery is a common cemetery for foreign missionaries. It is a haven for foreign missionaries and their families who loved Korea and wanted to be buried in Korea.

  • Seosomun Shrine History Museum: The Seosomunseong Regional History Museum is a history museum that offers a quick view of the Catholic history of the late Joseon Dynasty. The museum is well illustrated with the concept of a four-way martyrdom support space outside Seosomun Gate, where land and sky communicate.

  • Jeongdong Church: The Jeongdong Church was the first Western-style brick church building in Korea and became the model for the early Protestant church. On the floor of the church building square, an old map of Jeong-dong is painted, and the map shows Jeong-dong, which has been divided into the mid-18th century, the end of the Joseon Dynasty, and the present Jeong-dong after liberation and has changed over time.

  • Buddhist Jogyesa Temple: Jogyesa Temple is a representative Buddhist temple in Korea. You can see the stories of Buddhism, such as the meaning of life and paradise, by looking around Daeungjeon Hall, which enshrines Buddha (Sakyamuni), the stone pagoda, and lotus flowers.

  • The Islamic Seoul Central Masjid: It is a mosque that was established to promote Islam and Arab culture to the Republic of Korea and to facilitate  smooth exchanges with Islamic countries.

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