Panmunjeom DMZ
Panmunjeom DMZ Soldier
Panmunjeom DMZ
The Demilitarized Zone
Dorasan Station
North Korea from Dora Observatory

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Lighting festival

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Have you heard about the only divided country of the world? This is Korea. Or should we say South and North Korea? The DMZ and JSA Tour is Korea's most popular tourist destination. This Tour allows you to get very close to North Korea but always in security on the South side. You will be able to visit the 3rd tunnel, Dorasan Station, Dora Observatory, Imjingak Park and the famous JSA (Joint Security Area).

The conference room is the most thrilling place in the Joint Security Area. You will be as close as possible to North Korea. However, always remember that this is not a funny but rather serious tour. You should always behave.


From the observatory, you can see North Korea and the untouched nature since 60 years. If you use the telescopes you can have a more detailed view of North Korea.

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  • Availability depends on the military not our agency.

  • In case of natural disaster, or military situation, tours may be changed, delayed or cancelled. No refund due to Military regulation.

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