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  • In case of natural disaster, tours may be changed or delayed.

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  • On Mondays, the National Museum is closed (changed to Baekje Museum)

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Start your journey by immersing yourself into Korean History and the Baekje Dynasty. If you are into Korean Culture and Korean Historical Dramas, then you should take this tour !


The Gyeongju National Museum tells us a lot about the Baekje dynasty and King Muryeong (501-523).The Baekje kingdom (18BC - 660AD) was one of the 3 kingdoms of Korea, with Goguryeo and Silla. This museums provide a lot of cultural treasures such as the Royal Tomb of King Muryeong and his queen consort. You can admire a lot of relics from the tomb. You can see beautiful jeweleries that both the King and Queen consort were wearing. If you are interested in Korean History then this museum will quench your thirst!

The Songsan-ri Tombs and Royal Tomb of King Muryeong are a Unesco World Heritage Site. You can see the graves of kings (from the perdiod when Baekje's capital was Gongju). Among the 7 graves that have been discovered so far (out of 10) you can see the 7th tomb which is King Muryeong's. 
You will be surprised by the shapes of the tombs - which is very unsual - if you compare to other countries. You might think they look like hills. Many artifacts found in the tombs became National Treasures.

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